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Warm Box Lunches to Try Today

When you're in a rush for lunch, call your order ahead at Bob's Haven Deli. We'll be sure to have your order ready to go at the desired time. We've been serving tasty meals for over 65 years so you can be sure your order is made exactly as you want it, including any substitutions.

Box Lunches

Made-to-order meals

Veterans, senior citizens, and student can get 10% OFF their order when they present a valid id.

Box of pizza
Kids and pizza

Only fresh ingredients used

Great pricing

* Prices subject to change without prior notice

Includes French Fries / Steak Fries

$0.60 extra

Fish n' Chips




Cheese Burger


Breaded Veal


Breaded Veal Parmesan


Breaded Eggplant


Breaded Eggplant Parmesan


10 Chicken Wings (Bleu Cheese Available)


10 Hot Wings




Hot Beef w/ Gravy


Hot Turkey w/ Gravy


Tender Box


Hot Pork w/ Gravy


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